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  • Picnic Ciris Sept 7th, 2014

    On Sunday, September 7, 2014 The French counterpart of the Beljanski Foundation in Europe, CIRIS, will be organizing its yearly picnic in Saintes, France once again in 2014. The event is dedicated to give the unique opportunity to patients and their family to meet and share information in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is […]

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Brain Cancer: Pao pereira extract against Glioblastoma.


The Beljanski Foundation is pleased to announce a new research initiative focused on testing the Pao pereira extract against brain cancer (Glioblastoma).

Glioblastoma is a significant challenge because it is the most common and aggressive brain tumor and it is very difficult to treat. Despite improved technology for earlier diagnosis, no significant progress has been made with this cancer. This is the reason why The Beljanski Foundation intends to explore the efficacy of the plant extract, Pao pereira, against glioblastoma in laboratory studies and in animal models.


In the Press

  • New Article About Mirko Beljanski in Spain

    Once again, Pr. Mirko Beljanski’s work has been acknowledged overseas ! Today, it’s in Spain in “La Revista de Medicinas Complementarias. Medicina Holística”.

  • Nutritional Supplements into a Cancer Treatment by M Schachter, MD

    Read the article written by Dr Schachter about Nutritional Supplements added into Cancer Treatment Program and published in Cancer Strategie Journal (summer 2013- Vol 1, Issue 3). Read the article : Integrating Nutrition and Selected Controversial Nutritional Supplements into a Cancer Treatment Program

  • Article on the Effects of Pao Pereira on Ovarian and Pancreatic cancers

    Michele Cagan wrote an article about the last research published by Kansas University Medical Center on the effects of Pao Pereira on pancreatic and Ovarian cancers, it was published on december 2013 (Vol 18 N 4) on the magazine Health Sciences Institute. That article is titled : Breakthrough studies reveal miracle plant defeats the two […]

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    Your Donation Matters!

    Our work is made possible by the generous donations of individuals who believe in the mission of the Beljanski Foundation and share our commitment to making the discoveries of Mirko Beljanski available to as many people as possible.


  • Bladder and Prostate Cancer: Georges Chaoui

    Thus, I am here today to attest to the efficacy of Beljanski’s formulations, and in particular Rauwolfia vomitoria in overcoming prostate cancer. Medical statements made by my doctor at the Bordeaux University Hospital Center in 1995 reinforce my own comments. “It’s wonderful. I can confirm to you that there is no cancer left.”

  • Breast Cancer: Henriette Bouchet

    Breast Cancer Survivor Testimony In order to assist you, I am volunteering this testimony so that all can know about the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski. I must address CIRIS because it is this association who told me about the discoveries of Dr. Beljanski. February 1987, I saw a dimple under the right breast. I […]

  • Breast Cancer: Monique de Praeter
    breast cancer ribbon

    …The doctor decided on a drip chemotherapy, which did not reassure me, knowing the side effects, as I am a nurse.

    Following the advice of a homeopath, I began taking Beljanski’s formulations, in particular Rauwolfia vomitoria. My blood markers fell less and less, from 290 to 50 for the CA 15.3 and from 440 to 110 for the ACE. I am very satisfied….

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